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                                The many Benefits of Halotherapy (dry Salt Therapy) have helped Thousands of people                                                                                                           around the world to breathe and feel better! 





​Begin your path into well-being and relaxation with Halotherapy in our beautiful, caring and owner-built Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary in Asheville.
​Millions of pristine Himalayan Salt Crystals and ​an amazing micro-climate of dry negatively ionized salt inspire your health
​f​rom within in a whole new way - with salt therapy.

​​Imagine yourself in a state of ​well-being and peace, breathing easier and deeper and releasing stress and anxiety ​in ​the comfort of the
​therapeutic dry salt cave micro-climate
, the authentic healing element you would find in a natural salt mine. 

Get comfortable in one of our zero gravity chairs,  enjoy the golden glow of light emitting from the Himalayan Salt rocks, ​the quiet and peaceful atmosphere, the gentle and soft design of our Himalayan salt therapy cave and relax to soothing music while receiving the genuine ​health benefits of our dry salt cave micro-climate. 

Breathe deep and fill your lungs with the natural therapeutic salt air. ​You will be fully clothed, prepare to come in relaxing clothes,
​avoid wearing fragrances and bring white socks.  
​You can also combine a Halotherapy Session with one of our other salt spa therapy modalities ​available in our stunning Himalayan Salt Wellbeing Room.

​​Find more information about How to prepare for your Halotherapy Session HERE

We invite you to do something that will make a difference in your life. 
​Salt Therapy can help you to feel good again. Take time for yourself to heal, relax and be well.     
You are worth it!

​​Because of the nature of our service, our guests need to be non-smokers of any products for at least 3 weeks.

Welcome to The Salt Spa of Asheville, Asheville's Himalayan Salt Cave and 
​Halotherapy/Salt Therapy Spa!

Visit our Asheville Salt Spa on 473 Hendersonville Rd. -
​1 mile south of the Biltmore Estate/Biltmore Village, 2 blocks
​from I-40, in the Biltmore Forest area.

​Plenty of free parking and easy to get to from all directions!

​What people experienced 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"My husband and
​ I recently ​​experienced
​our (first of ​hopefully many) 
​salt spa sessions
​ and within two inhalations
​of the moving salt particles
​​(kicked on by the fan), my stopped up nasal
​passages were cleared.
​The music, the lighting, ​the chairs, and the blankets create a ​deeply relaxing 45 minutes. ​I especially liked the gong that signified the beginning and end of the session.
​ Not being allowed to talk or bring in cell phones really added to the peacefulness..." 
                                                       ​​ October 2012

More Testimonials Here

Asheville Salt Spa

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473 Hendersonville Rd. Asheville NC 28803

Take a deep breath and relax - You have arrived!
1 Hour of Bliss in Asheville's Salt Spa and Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary is awaiting you.

​Welcome to Asheville's and North Carolina's first Halotherapy/Salt Therapy Spa. 
​Bringing together the therapeutic essence of salt and a healing space for peace and rejuvenation,
we are Asheville's Salt Therapy Spa destination for better breathing and deep relaxation.
Our Himalayan Salt Cave micro-climate is offering the authentic, researched and scientific method of salt therapy, called Halotherapy. 
Regular Salt Therapy/Halotherapy Sessions can bring natural relief 

​If you experience
Sinus Issues

Respiratory Diseases
Skin Complaints
Common Colds​​​​​​​​
Cystic Fibrosis
Ear Infection

and ...

you would like to integrate a
​natu​​​ral, safe and effective therapy into your wellness plan
​to find relief from your symptoms
​and feel much better,
Halotherapy at The Salt Spa of Asheville  ​is for you!​​​​​


Staying in Balance in Asheville's Salt Spa

​​If you wish to
Strenghten your immune system
Enhance your lung capacity and stamina​​​
Cleanse your lungs from environmental toxins
​Experience deep Relaxation & Meditation
Maintain your Health and Wellbeing
Purify and restore healthy skin​
Take time to nourish yourself
Support your child's health​


Halotherapy at The Salt Spa of Asheville
is a wonderful, holistic and natural approach
​to better health, prevention and a powerful therapeutic way to keep your lungs and your skin at their best performance.
​Breathe, relax and rejuvenate.​​​
The Salt Spa of Asheville & Himalayan Salt Cave Asheville                     (828) 505 1838
                                     ​Salt Therapy Spa & Halotherapy Center for Health and Wellbeing
Our deepest purpose and hope is to inspire you into wellbeing and to feel at your best.

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Wellbeing - Being healthy & happy with our Asheville Salt Spa Package

If you want to​

extend your visit with an additional  Salt Spa Service 
in our beautiful one of a kind Himalayan Salt Wellbeing room to amplify your health & happiness  

​​​  then...

you are in for a special treat.​

​We invite you to experience our Asheville  Salt Spa Package including a one hour Halotherapy session and one of the following therapies:

   Massage ​​​
​Cranio-Sacral Therapy
   ​Polarity Therapy
  Energy Healing 

 Couple's Halo Massage in our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary​
Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 7
Sunday 12 - 6

The Salt Spa of Asheville was featured on PBS, WLOS and multiple other media.  Learn more Here​ 
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