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The Salt Spa of Asheville & Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary

Take time to Breathe 

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        Pricing and Reservations for your time of Bliss at The Salt Spa Asheville

                            Halotherapy/Salt Therapy is a natural way of helping your body, mind and soul! 

The prices below are for 45 minutes Halotherapy Session(s) in our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary and ​includes time spent in our relaxation area enjoying our Himalayan Salt Foot Dome Lamps for a slight detox and more relaxation.

We offer delicious organic herbal teas to go with it .

​​​                                                  If you are a current smoker, please do not schedule a session!

For the health of our customers, you need to be a non-smoker of ALL substances for at least 3 weeks.​​

                                                                                    Thank you for your understanding.

                  Asheville Salt Spa Single Session and Packages for Halotherapy in our Himalayan Salt Cave
                                               (Passes expire 1 year after purchase, can be shared with others)

                                                                            Adults    ​Senior(60+)        Children (10-16)      Family (2 adults/2 children (10-16)
Single Session                                                      $35          $33                           $20                                    $90 

 Multiple Session Packages that our Locals Love
​​3 Sessions Sweet Relief pass                             $90          $80                           $50 
6 Sessions Breathe easy pass                           $150        $135                          $80 
12 Sessions Love my Health pass                    $240        $200                         $120

                       Membership and Special Asheville Salt Spa Packages for a healthy lifestyle

1 month Salt Spa Ultimate Well-being Membership                                        $200/month (up to 31 sessions/month )
1 month Salt Spa Blessed Ten Membership Package                                       $150/month ( up to 10 sessions/month)
​7/7 Salt Spa Booster Package - 7 Halotherapy Sessions in 7 days                  $85/person (expires 7 days after purchase)


Our guests need to be 10 years and older. Family Salt Therapy Sessions are separate from Adult Salt Therapy Sessions and are scheduled by appointment. Please do not bring children under 12 into Adult Sessions and mention the age of your children upon making a reservation.

Many people come to relax and meditate and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. Thank you for your understanding.

You may also book the entire Himalayan Salt Cave Room- 1-5 people $150/session, 6-9 people $180/session.

For Reservations, please call us at The Salt Spa of Asheville (828)505 1838.

                                                          Far Infrared Himalayan Salt Bed Session   


30 min Session                              $30                                  3-Session Pass $80
45 min Session                              $40                                  3-Session Pass $100

10%  OFF Himalayan Salt Bed Session if you add it on to your Halotherapy Session.

                                                                   Other Salt Spa Service prices

Halo Couple's Massage in our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary  (1 hour duration)                                               $150/person

"Blisstime at The Salt Spa for Two" Massage and Far Infrared Himalayan Salt Bed (2 hour duration)           $130/person  

"Blisstime at The Salt Spa for Two" as above including Halotherapy (3 hour duration)                                     $160/person

Customized Therapeutic Massage ​    $85/hour            $100/75min                     $120/90 min 

Cranio-Sacral Therapy                        $85/hour            $100/75min                     $120/90 min

Hot Salt Stone Massage                      $120/hour

Connective Tissue Massage               $120/hour

Intensive Deep Tissue Massage        $120/hour

Foot Reflex Massage                           $85/hour

Head/Neck Massage                           $55/30 min                  $75/45 min

                                                                         Wellness Bliss Days at The Salt Spa

                                                                      1 Day Wellness Bliss - $245/person, includes

1 x Halotherapy Session
1 x One Hour Massage or Cranio-Sacral Therapy
1 x 50 minute Foot Reflex Massage
1 x 45 minute Far Infrared Salt Bed Session

2 Days Wellness Bliss - $505/person, includes

1 x Halotherapy Session
1 x One Hour Hot Salt Stone Massage
1 x 50 minute Foot Reflex Massage
1 x 45 minute Far Infrared Salt Bed Session

Cancellation Policy: We kindly ask that any changes and cancellations are made within 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Late cancellations until up to 6 hours before your scheduled appointment will be subject to a fee of 50% of your scheduled treatment. 
Cancellations 6 hours and less and “NO-Shows” will be charged the full amount of the service you reserved. 
Online Reservations: All online reservations are prepaid and non-refundable. You may, however, call us to reschedule at least 12 hours in advance if you are unable to come to your appointment. ​​