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The Salt Spa of Asheville & Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary

Take time to Breathe 

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 "Blisstime"  Massage and Far Infrared Himalayan Salt Bed for Two

Our "Blisstime at The Salt Spa" for Two is becoming the favorite choice for couple's or a party of Two who want to spend more time for well-being and relaxation. You will receive a custom one hour massage and a Far Infrared Himalayan Salt Bed Session. While one of you will receive a custom massage, the other will bask on our Far Infrared Himalayan Salt Bed. After the hour you switch. You will be in the same Himalayan Salt Wellbeing Room for both services. You also have the option to add Halotherapy in our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary before or after the "Blisstime at The Salt Spa".  

Blisstime at The Salt Spa (2 hours)      $130/person           

Blisstime at The Salt Spa and Halotherapy (3 hours)        $160/person 

Single Massage/ Cranio Sacral Therapy and Energy Work

We also offer single custom massages, cranio sacral therapy and energy work in our Himalayan Salt Wellbeing Room.   

Custom Massage                                    $85/hour                  $120/90 minutes

Cranio Sacral Therapy                          $85/hour                  $120/90 minutes

Foot Reflex Massage                             $85/50 minutes

Head & Neck Massage                           $55/30 minutes      $75/45 minutes

Hot Salt Stone Massage                        $120/hour

Connective Tissue Massage                  $120/hour

Intense Deep Tissue Massage              $120/hour

Halo Couple's Massage in our Himalayan Salt Cave

Upon entering our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary you get all comfortable for your Halo Massage - receiving bodywork while breathing our clean, negative ion rich dry salt air, called Halotherapy. We are blessed with excellent massage therapists, trained in many different modalities. This combination of therapies is deeply therapeutic, relaxing and rejuvenating. It is also possible to receive energy work or cranio-sacral therapy instead of a massage.

1 Hour of Bliss! 

Couple's Massage in our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary:      1 hour $150/person


"Wellness Bliss" Days at The Salt Spa of Asheville

  If you would like to immerse yourself in a very special self-care treat, come and enjoy our

  one or 2 days "Wellness Bliss" !

  1. Day Wellness Bliss   -   1 x Halotherapy Session

                                              1 x One Hour Massage or Cranio-Sacral Therapy

                                              1 x 50 minute Foot Reflex Massage

                                              1 x 45 minute Far Infrared Salt Bed Session


  2. Day Wellness Bliss  -    1 x Halotherapy Session

                                               1 x One Hour Hot Salt Stone Massage

                                               1 x 50 minute Foot Reflex Massage

                                               1 x 45 minute Far Infrared Salt Bed Session

  One Day Wellness Bliss                   $245/person

  Two Day Wellness Bliss                   $505/person

  Accommodation is not included. You are responsible to arrange your own accommodation.

  We are happy to assist you with suggestions where to stay. There are 5 (soon 7) Hotels and several

  B&B's within one mile of our Salt Spa.  

                                            Our Massage Therapists


                                   Paige Foran, Custom Massage

                                   LMBT NC License #12702

                                    Lauren Aiyana, Custom Massage, Foot Reflex Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Energy Work
                                    LMBT NC License #07219


                                    Michael Brasunas, Custom Massage, Connective Tissue Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy

                                    LMBT NC License #11933

                                    Brian Loftin, Custom Massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy

                                    LMBT NC License #13797