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How about Salt Therapy at home? It is now possible with our portable Halogenerator. It comes with a one person pop up pod for safe use indoors without damaging the air conditioning system.

Salt Therapy or Halotherapy has long been known for its therapeutic benefits for the respiratory system in skin. It is an all natural, safe and non-invasive way to boost respiratory immune health and cleanse the sinuses, airways and lungs.

Technical info

– Digital
– Provides different levels of salt-aerosol concentration
– Particle size 0,1 – 4 μm which enables the particles to penetrate deep into the respiratory tract
– This halogenerator can be installed inside the salt cabin or tent; it is portable
– To be used inside the tent or cabin only; ideal for private use and for home use
– The voltage inside the salt generator is 12 V
– Consumes less than 5g of salt per session (device comes with 5 portions of STARTER salt)
– Measurements: 26 x 17.5 x 18 cm; weight 2.5 kg

IIRIS-137 Portable Halogenerator for home use

SKU: Halogenerator
    Salt Spa Asheville

    Take time to breathe

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