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Frequently asked Questions

Why did you choose Halotherapy (dry salt therapy)?

Our personal choice for this method of salt therapy​​​ was born out of the desire to offer the most therapeutic salt therapy available combined with solid, scientific background. Another reason we have chosen Halotherapy is that the micro-climate of dry salt feels cleaner and more comfortable to us and we have experienced significantly better therapeutic and relaxing results for ourselves.

How many sessions do I need?

Many people feel health benefits after only one session.
However, long lasting results occur after a series of 10-20 treatments with at least 3-5 sessions/week 1-2 times/year. For relaxation purposes and to strengthen the immune system 1-2 sessions a week year round are recommended, however sessions can be taken as many times as desired.


Can I read in the salt cave?
Yes. Reading lamps are available upon request. However, you will have a much greater relaxation experience if you just rest.


Does Halotherapy have side effects?
Some patients feel a tickling in the throat. Owing to the Halotherapy induced drainage of accumulated mucus,

some patients experience an increase in coughing after several days of treatment, mostly more productive in mucous discharge.

Rare side effects are light eye irritation to conjunctivitis. If you have sensitive eyes it is suggested to keep your eyes closed during Halotherapy or the use of an eye pillow.

Are there different salt therapy methods?
es. However, only one method can re-create the authentic micro-climate of natural salt mines. It is called Halotherapy or dry salt therapy. When the air in natural salt mines was studied, scientists found in ALL mines a concentration of 15 - 23 mg/m3 dry salt particles in the air (1-5 microns in size) as well as an abundance of negative ions. Dry micron-sized salt can only be generated by a Halogenerator (a salt mill). In the process of being ground up into 1-5 microns, the salt becomes negatively ionized.
When salt therapy without Halogenerator is offered, for example with water features, therapeutic dry salt can not be found in the air.

The Salt Spa of Asheville is the only Halotherapy Spa in Asheville.

​​​​Why is the humidity important?
There is more than one reason to keep the humidity below 55%. First, we live in a high humidity climate and for asthma and allergy sufferer, especially humid summers are causing breathing problems. Studies have shown that in high humidity, the air is depleted of negative ions. Keeping the humidity between 30-55% in our Himalayan Salt Cave room ensures the best environment for the negatively charged dry salt particles as well as for your respiratory comfort.
Dry salt particles also permit to maintain optimal room temperature and humidity parameters that are most beneficial for our human body. Maintaining optimal conditions of room environment allows avoiding the development of bronchi spasms, which is a frequent reaction observed in people suffering asthma when using humid salt aerosol. In addition, the amount of salt inhaled during the same time with dry salt aerosol is less but much more therapeutic than the amount inhaled with humid salt aerosol.

When is salt treatment not recommended?
Halotherapy is not recommended for persons afflicted with following illnesses:
Any kind of infectious disease; Infections, accompanied by fever;
Patients who have cardiac insufficiency; Chronic kidney diseases; Any form and stages of tuberculosis;

Cardiac and coronary diseases; Hyperthyroidism
In case of steroid dependency or dry state of bronchiectasis, Halotherapy can be attempted but with a lower efficiency.

Consult your health care professional prior to scheduling salt therapy.


What is special about Himalayan Salt versus other salt?
imalayan Salt is hand mined in the deepest and most pristine salt ranges in Pakistan and contains many minerals that our body needs. It originates from the primal oceans and is thought to be over 300 Million years old. It is not refined nor cleaned and treated chemically like your average table salt and is not exposed to harmful pollution and toxins like sea salt which is harvested from the ocean waters. Other salt mined in different parts of the world often are not suitable to eat and are mined with heavy machinery which pollutes the salt. This salt is called rock salt and is inferior in quality compared to Himalayan Salt. The tons of pristine Himalayan Salt

in our salt therapy sanctuary has a Certificate of Authenticity confirming that it is genuine and authentic from deep in the mountainous Salt Ranges, the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains.


What do I wear in the Himalayan Salt Cave?

Wear comfortable clothes and bring clean white socks.


Is salt therapy safe for children?
YES! Children often respond faster to treatments than adults and there is no potential harmful effect. However, our guests need to be 12
 years and older and all children under 16 have to be accompanied by an adult.


What if I am late for my appointment?
We honor our schedule and may have to shorten your session to stay on time.


Can I bring my pet/service dog?

Our spa has a therapeutic environment, especially for people with 

different allergies. For the protection and health of those guests we cannot allow any

pets into our spa. We appreciate your understanding. 

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