Our Story

Our journey into healing with The Salt Spa of Asheville began in 2009 when we were introduced to Halotherapy.

European Halotherapy Centers were helping hundreds of thousands of people to feel and breathe better with a natural approach.

We were very intrigued with this therapy for the beautiful combination of healing and relaxation.
We started with a vision, inspiration and a purpose to bring this natural therapy to Asheville.

We, that is me, my husband and our son…


I, Ines was called into the healing field in 1995 after a long period of health issues. I was still living in my home

Country Germany when I began my training as Physical Therapist which included many natural healing methods, including Hydro/Balneotherapy, Light Therapy, Ultrasound, Electro Therapy and Massage Therapy.

I also learned about Speleotherapy (underground climate therapy in natural mines, including salt mines).

After finishing my Physical Therapy training I continued to be a student of multiple other energy therapies,

including Cranio-sacral Therapy, Manual Therapy, diverse Neurophysiological Methods not available in the US and Meditation/Relaxation Techniques while working with handicapped children.


This experience opened me to a new dimension of healing. Many of the children I was privileged to support were not able to communicate on a physical level. As they taught me to be more sensitive to the unseen, I realized more deeply

that healing is not just a physical affair. So my own journey brought me to the US for a personal inner pilgrimage.


Because of the missing reciprocity for my German Physical Therapy training and experience in the US, I became a Board Certified Massage Therapist and worked for several years as a licensed massage therapist in Florida before

I dedicated my time entirely nurturing and caring for my son.


Although my husband Brad was not trained in mainstream therapies, his knowledge is amazing and

he is a healer in his own subtle way, radiating kindness and compassion.

When we learned about Halotherapy Centers on our travels to Germany, we knew the healing environment would

become part of our lives. In 2010, our family decided to manifest our vision of a salt spa here in Asheville, offering the only solid scientifically researched form of salt therapy known as Halotherapy.


The decision to use only environmentally friendly and healthy materials to build the Salt Spa was a consequence

of our own natural and health oriented lifestyle and my chemical sensitivities. We did not use any glues, toxic and off-gassing substances. We loved the process of envisioning and designing our logo and our salt spa,

which we were to build by hand by ourselves with the purest Himalayan Salt and we did.



The 3 of us applied Millions of salt crystals to all walls and the floor. It was a labor intensive and also fun experience.

It is very rewarding to see the outcome of ones own effort and it becomes more personal than having a company design and build it.



On December 8, 2011 the doors to The Salt Spa of Asheville opened for the first time.

We are ever so grateful to this Himalayan Salt Sanctuary and its dry salt micro-climate which supports our

own health and well-being and that of others and we especially value the benefits our son receives from it.


On a level much deeper than certificates and degrees, we are seekers of the true meaning of life and lovers of nature. ​​

We love our family life, traveling, all sorts of outdoor activities and being under the sun and the stars as often as we can. Smiles are never short in our lives.



We are honored to serve, support and inspire you into healing.

     Be Well,

  Ines, Brad & Ely Clark

Massage Therapist

"Through my own journey into personal health and wellness I stumbled upon the wonderful practice of massage therapy.

I found an opportunity to combine my two passions;

wellness and service to others, into a career.

Being able to connect with people and assist in the process of letting go of stress, tension, or negative holding patterns makes what I do fun and interesting.

My work also allows me to constantly grow by learning more about the body and different ways to work with it.

I find the massage table to be a place where we can all slow down, breathe, and pay attention to ourselves at a deeper level." Anna Williams

Anna has been with us for several years and we are beyond blessed for her presence. She is an immensely skilled therapist and very mindful and considerate in her interactions with our guests. She is highly praised for her massage work.

Anna Williams, LMBT NC License #17208
Salt Spa Asheville

Take time to breathe