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relaxing in our asheville salt cave


It is our desire to serve our community with integrity and compassion and to see oneness in the whole and wholeness in the one. We welcome each guest with a smile, with kindness, with respect and with gratitude.


Our Himalayan Salt Cave is a room transformed into a healing sanctuary.  Millions of pristine Himalayan Salt Crystals cover all walls and the floor. Our Salt Therapy Spa has been designed and built by the owners with love and care using only environmentally friendly and natural, non-toxic materials. Our Himalayan Salt Cave does not contain gypsum, glues or other unsafe materials. It is safe and beneficial for people with multiple chemical sensitivities.


Our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary 

*More than 5 tons of 100% pure Himalayan pink salt decorate all walls and floor for beautiful ambiance, comfort and a unique high vibrational atmosphere.


*All artistic Himalayan salt features have been created with emphasis on well-being.


*A state of the art Salt mill supplies our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary with the essential therapeutic dry salt particles (1-5 micron in size which are negatively charged ) for additional health benefits.


* The salt particle concentration ranges from 1 to 15.0 milligrams per cubic meter ensuring a safe, low and gradual salt concentration.


* A stable humidity of 30-50% and temperatures between 68-73 degrees is provided for best respiratory comfort.


*A custom designed ventilation system has been engineered by professionals and keeps the salt therapy cave free of allergens, hypo-bacterial, clean and at a constant salt level.


* The EMF-free floor heat allows electromagnetic sensitive people to enjoy salt therapy without side effects 


Imagine yourself in a state of well-being and peace, breathing easier and deeper and releasing stress and anxiety

in the comfort of the therapeutic dry salt cave micro-climate, the authentic healing element you would find in a natural salt mine.

You may feel the love and dedication put into this space by the owner family.

salt cave asheville on Hendersonville Rd


Because of the nature of our service, our guests need to be non-smokers of any tobacco and recreational products, including vape and e-cigarettes for at least 3 weeks.


To maintain our special healing micro-climate we ask you to prepare for your Halotherapy Session.

Our Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary has space for up to 4 people per session and we offer only private sessions, no community sessions. One session will last 45 minutes in our salt cave. 
Sessions are by appointment only.
Reservations can be made online or by phone. 


Prepare to come in relaxing clothes, you will stay completely dressed (for salt therapy)

Avoid wearing fragrances and bring white socks.
We will seat you in one of our zero gravity chairs.
Enjoy the golden glow of light from the Himalayan Salt rocks,  a quiet and peaceful atmosphere, gentle and soft design of our Himalayan salt therapy cave and
relax to soothing music while receiving the genuine health benefits of our dry salt cave micro-climate. Breathe deep and fill your lungs with the natural therapeutic salt air.  


We deeply care about your health and well-being and integrate other profound natural body/mind therapy methods to deepen the experience and benefits of Halotherapy.

Salt Spa Asheville

Take time to breathe

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