We are marking one year since COVID 19 started to have major effects on our lives.  

Since then, we have been through a lot. So many losses, so many changes, so much confusion.

And one year later, we are still in the midst of uncertainty.

The media did not stop to constantly remind us of the pandemic and its consequences. Stress, depression, desperation and anxiety have built up in many of us. We all look forward to a brighter future.


Yet, we do not have to wait until this future is finally here to feel better, more balanced and more at peace.

Here is a practical way to relax, be grateful and find enjoyment in the moment.


As an Add Heart Facilitator, I find immense peace in the Heart Lock in Breathing Technique the

Institute for Heart Math is teaching. 

Sit comfortable and imagine breathing slowly in and out of your heart.

It helps to put your hand over your heart area.

Now activate a regenerative feeling such as appreciation, care or compassion.

It works by activating a mental picture that creates a positive, warm feeling in your heart.

It might be you holding a baby or a puppy, or hugging a loved one.

Or recreate the feeling of walking on dewy grass or the sand on the beach.

It might be the feeling you experienced when you helped someone.

Any thought that gives you the feeling of care, compassion or appreciation is sufficient. 

Hold this feeling and image for a few minutes. 

Amazing things start to happen. You are moving in a state of coherence of the heart, mind and emotions.

It can even be measured! 

Use this technique any time, especially if you feel down,

have a difficult conversation or situation you have to deal with or are stressed. 

                                                                                                          Many Blessings to you!   Ines Clark, February 2021


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