Stay a while and experience the best salt spa services.

       Pricing and Reservations for your time of Bliss at The Salt Spa and Salt Cave in Asheville

    Asheville's ONLY salt cave with a true dry salt micro-climate for

maximum therapeutic and relaxation effect.

If you are a current smoker, please do not schedule a session!

For the health of our customers, you need to be a non-smoker of

ALL substances for at least 3 weeks.

To book an appointment, please call us at (828) 505 1838 or use the links below.

Massage in the salt cave at The Salt Spa of Asheville


Exclusive Spa Special

This is our most luxurious couple's package in our Himalayan Salt Cave.

Receiving a 60 minute professional spa massage while laying on our chakra mat with the healing properties of Far Infrared Heat, Negative Ions and PEMF is an experience you won't forget so quickly. This extravaganza package also includes 60 minutes of Vibroacoustic Therapy with benefits of relaxation, stress reduction, increasing circulation and pain relief.

And for this special occasion we also include a gift box with organic aromatherapy, body care products and Himalayan Salt products.


120 minutes

Sound Therapy and Salt Therapy at Asheville Salt Spa


Salt, Sound & Energy 

Our Salt, Sound and Chakra Balancing Package is an amazing private experience in our Himalayan Salt Cave without a massage.

Breathe the therapeutic salt air, feel the acoustic sound waves vibrate through you and decompress and re-align on our chakra gemstone mat.

While one of you enjoys the vibroacoustic sound table, the other person relaxes on the heated gemstone chakra mat  which emits far infrared heat, negative ions and includes PEMF .(pulsed electromagnetic frequencies which are  therapeutic for the whole body) 

After 45 minutes you change tables.



90 minutes

Dry Hydro Massage at The Salt Spa Asheville

Dry Hydro


Come in for a safe touchless dry hydro massage. Let the warm water jets massage you into a deep relaxation while your nervous system can calm down.


During this service, you stay completely dressed. You are in total control of the customizable pressure. 

This service is being offered in our comfortable relaxation area.

We have one Dry hydro massage table available.

$30/20 minutes

$45/30 minutes

$60/40 minutes

Prices are per person

Blisstime in Salt Cave at The Salt Spa Ashev


Massage & Sound for Two

When it comes to self care and relaxation, there is hardly a better way than spending time in our unique salt cave.

While receiving a professional spa massage and vibroacoustic therapy on our BETAR sound therapy table, allow yourself to go into deep relaxation and decompression mode to fully enjoy the care you will receive. 


 While one of you will start with the massage, the other person will experience  sound therapy. After 60 minutes you will change tables.

This is a wonderful getaway for couples

or friends.


120 minutes

Salt Spa Asheville Sound and Salt Therapy

"Salt & Sound"

Spa Package for Two

The Salt & Sound Package brings two powerful therapeutic modalities together.


One of you will start out in a zero gravity recliner, the other on the vibroacoustic sound table. After 45 minutes, you switch.

Sound therapy is one of the oldest natural therapies and has profound impact on our nervous system by reducing stress and anxiety and helps with deep relaxation.


The frequencies from the music will vibrate through your whole body. A wonderful experience you won't forget so fast.

Please note, that there is no massage included in this package.


90 minutes

Massage in the Salt Cave at Asheville Salt Spa

Private Massage in

Salt Cave

Our Private Massages are offered in our Himalayan Salt Cave. In this serene environment, relaxation comes easy. 

All massages incorporate aroma therapeutic essential massage oils with the best organic ingredients.

We offer one massage at the time. At this point we cannot take multiple massage appointments at the same time. If you would like to have a couple's experience, please choose from one of our packages for two.

Relaxing Spa Massage $150/60 min

                                          $230/90 min

Deep Therapeutic Massage $185/60 min

                                                  $280/90 min

Hot Salt Stone Massage $185/60 min

Add on Massage on Chakra Mat (warm far infrared heat, negative ions and PEMF)

$50/60 minutes

 $70/90 minutes

Prices are per person

elements salt spa package Salt, 7 Chakras, Dry Hydro Massage, Sound Therapy, Salt Therapy


Spa Package for Two

Our Elements Spa Package will nourish your Body, Mind and Soul.

4 of our special spa services are included in the

90 minute wellness experience.

15 minutes on our Dry Hydro Massage Table (you stay dressed) will calm your nervous system, massage your body with the warm water jets to loosen all those tense muscles and bring you into a blissful state. 

30 minutes on our heated Gemstone Chakra Mat with Salt Therapy will purify you and bring you into the "zone" 

45 minutes vibroacoustic sound and salt therapy will totally relax and destress you.

One person starts with sound therapy, the other with dry water massage and Chakra mat and after 45 minutes you will switch.

(This is not a hands on massage)



90 minutes

Asheville Salt Cave Therapy at The Salt Spa of Asheville

 Salt Therapy


Our Salt Therapy Sessions can be enjoyed in different ways. 

Our traditional Salt Therapy Session is experienced in one of our Zero Gravity Chairs. We accommodate up to 3 people in one party.

(one household Family up to 4)


45 minutes

You may also request to have a Chakra Energy Salt Therapy Session and enjoy the extra benefits from the far infrared heat and PEMF during your session.

We have one Chakra Energy Seat available.

(if you come in a group, only one person could take advantage of that)


45 minutes

Or you may want to lay on our BETAR Sound Therapy table during your salt therapy session. We have one sound table available.


45 minutes

see prices above

Salt Spa Asheville

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