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Asheville's Best Salt Cave Experience

What is Salt Therapy/Halotherapy?

Since Salt Therapy is not a regulated term there is a lot of misunderstanding about it. The name Salt Therapy could be used for anything related to salt as health support, like gargling with salt water, drinking sole, salt bath...

Halotherapy or Dry Salt Therapy is a more accurate name for a therapy that means breathing a negative ion rich dry salt micro-climate, just like in natural salt mines. It is a natural, safe, non-invasive, alternative therapy which is also very relaxing.


Since the early 1800's, European people with respiratory complaints find great relief in salt mines. In the 1980's, it was a desire for some European Physicians to study the micro-climate of natural salt mines. They were hoping to re-create the air above ground . So these doctors and scientists began analyzing the air of different natural salt mines.

In all mines they found a therapeutic saturation of DRY SALT PARTICLES (1-5 microns in size) which can even reach the lower respiratory system and an abundance of negative ions. Based on their findings, they re-created this negative ion rich salt micro-climate as close as possible by building a devise, called Halogenerator (Salt mill).

It is able to produce breathable dry salt particles. The therapy then was called Halotherapy. It is the only evidence based, scientifically and professionally developed method of salt therapy, based on studies of natural salt mines.

In Europe, Halotherapy is used in the medical field as well as in the spa industry. Halotherapy Spas are becoming favored around the world.

In Asheville, you can find this salt therapy method only here in

our Himalayan Salt Cave at The Salt Spa of Asheville.

SALT: Since salt is anti-inflammatory, it helps reduce inflammation of the respiratory system and enhances ones immune system. It also supports the respiratory system by liquefying mucus/phlegm for better discharge. Dry salt particles act as "bronchial brush" with strong purifying effects and it destroys harmful microorganisms.


​NEGATIVE IONS: NI have been studied for their health benefits for a long time. Negative ions have a balancing effect on our autonomic nervous system, causing us to relax and become calm. Furthermore, negative ions also increase flow of oxygen in the blood, purify blood, strengthen our immune system, support better digestions as well as cell rejuvenation.


With each breath, you will inhale natural dry negatively ionized salt and precious minerals while experiencing the comfort and relaxation of our unique Himalayan Salt Therapy Cave Room.

FREQUENCY: As with all treatments, Halotherapy has best results when attending multiple sessions. You may feel improvement after one session, however a series of 5-25 treatments in a short period of time are suggested for best results.

Benefits of Halotherapy                                          Not Recommended for 

  • Benefits:

  • Reduction of Symptoms related to:

  • Stress

  • Respiratory complaints including asthma chronic bronchitis,

  • frequent colds,

  • sinus issues

  • allergies including seasonal, dust and mold allergies,

  • hay fever,

  • allergic skin reactions
    Certain Skin disorders including psoriasis and dermatitis
    cystic fibrosis

  • fatigue

  • insomnia

  • exhaustion

  • sinus headaches

  • weakness of the immune system

  • rheumatic diseases

  • hypothyroidism

Not Recommended For :

(Please consult your healthcare provider before making an appointment if you have the following or other health conditions)

  • Acute stage of respiratory diseases

  • Hyperthyroidism (untreated overactive thyroid)

  •  pulmonary tubercolosis

  • recent heart attack

  • angina pectoris with frequent seizures

  • lung cancer

  • pulmonary mycosis

  • Intoxication, including drug and alcohol

  • severe hypertension

  • All contagious diseases

  • Fever

  • All cancer during chemotherapy/radiation treatment

  • certain kidney diseases

> Salt Therapy also relaxes the muscles

 > Supports the healing of the lungs for people who have stopped smoking.

> Support for athletes - Salt Therapy can enhance sports performance by improving lung function and increasing lung capacity and stamina.

Impressions of Natural Salt Mines around the world

salt mine solotvyno.png
Salt Mine khewra.jpg
Salt Mine Center Azerbaijan.jpg
salt mine klodawa.jpg
salt mine Altaussee.jpg
salt mine turda, romania.jpg
Salt Mine Berchtesgaden, Germany
Salt Spa Asheville

Take time to breathe

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