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The SolaJet® Dry-Hydrotherapy System is an exhilarating new wave in health and wellness. Inside, a powerful traveling water jet performs a relaxing full body Endo-Kinetic™ treatment but is also able to isolate to any part of the body at the touch of a button. Throughout this TOUCH-LESS self administered session, you remain clothed and dry. You can help yourself and others FEEL BETTER and PERFORM BETTER with the SolaJet®!


We are confident the SolaJet® is the world’s most therapeutic soft tissue treatment which helps normalize muscle, reduce pain, improve circulation and does so naturally and without irritation. No other soft tissue treatment delivers the feeling, therapy or immediate benefit as our technology which helps “Inspiring Life” by helping you feel better and do more of what you want to do.



Tension mitigation


Lymphatic support 

Endorphin stimulation

Lactic acid reduction

Promotes circulation 

Improves soft tissue 

Vasal dilation


Our DEMO unit is very gently used and has some warranty left. We deliver and help set up within 40 miles of Asheville.  We do NOT ship this unit. This unit is a commercial model and can be utilized by medical professionals, chiropractor, fitness studios, spas, athletes and really every person interested in self care and home spa. Retails for over $18,000.


SolaJet CT (Commercial)

$9,900.00 Regular Price
$9,500.00Sale Price
  • We do not ship this unit. If you are interested in buying, please contact us. We do deliver within 40 miles of Asheville. If you live further away, you may pick up.

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