Frequencies For Well-Being
Frequencies For Well-Being

Experience our Frequency Therapy in our Wellness Salt Room at Asheville's Salt Spa.

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Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation in our Salt Cave
Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation in our Salt Cave

Private Groups of 3 or 4 people can book our Salt Therapy Service with Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation!

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Halotherapy aka Salt Therapy in our salt cave at The Salt Spa of Asheville
Halotherapy aka Salt Therapy in our salt cave at The Salt Spa of Asheville

When it comes to Salt Therapy, we don't settle for anything other than the most advanced, therapeutic and scientifically developed and researched Salt therapy method available. The benefits of dry salt therapy are superior to any other salt therapy methods.

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Frequencies For Well-Being
Frequencies For Well-Being

Experience our Frequency Therapy in our Wellness Salt Room at Asheville's Salt Spa.

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Enjoy the luxury of our Exclusively Private Sessions, offered

in our Himalayan Salt Cave and Wellness Saltroom!

Imagine feeling a deep sense of well-being - Peace, Balance and Relaxation

Spend a blissful time  here at The Salt Spa of Asheville.

All Private Services at The Salt Spa of Asheville

Dear Guests,


We are open Wednesday through Sunday by appointment and closed Monday & Tuesday.





Thanksgiving Day, November 25 CLOSED

Monday and Tuesday, December 20 & 21 OPEN

December 24 - 26 CLOSED

Monday and Tuesday, December 27 & 28 OPEN

December 31 OPEN  9:30 am - 1 pm

January 1, 2022   CLOSED

January 2  OPEN

All services are private and offered in our Himalayan Salt Cave

and our Wellness Saltroom.

We serve one party at the time in each space.

For Salt Therapy Sessions we limit a party to up to 4 people.

We do not offer community salt therapy sessions at this time.

 To ensure safety for you and our staff, please respect our safety protocol. 

We still require wearing a mask upon entering for all, including vaccinated guests.

You may take your mask off during your private salt spa session

and when facing down during your massage.

Because of the close face to face proximity with the massage therapist when facing up during massage,

you are required to wear your mask.

We appreciate your understanding.

Private Couple's Spa Packages at The Salt Spa of Asheville

Our Private Spa Packages for Two in our Salt Cave and Wellness Saltroom are the favorite choices for couple's or a party of two who want to spend more time in our salt spa cave for deeper  well-being and relaxation.


We offer multiple outstanding packages. Please find out more by clicking the Learn More button. If you are looking for a private wellness treat with exclusive therapies, you sure want to consider a visit to our Private Salt Spa. A wonderful getaway from stress and to recharge. 

Salt Therapy in Salt Cave at Salt Spa Asheville

Experience what it means to breathe REAL dry salt air in our Himalayan Salt Therapy Cave Sanctuary.


We take the scientific based approach to salt therapy, proven to be the most therapeutic and relaxing salt therapy method available,

called dry Halotherapy. 

 Allow yourself to let go of all stress and tension. You also may experience salt therapy with our Vibroacoustic Therapy Mat or on our Chakra Energy Mat.

Sound Therapy (music medicine) uses healing frequencies to induce stress relief, relaxation, pain relief and more. Our Chakra Mat is made of 15 lb of gemstones and emits far infrared heat, negative ions and PEMF at the eath frequency of 7.83 HZ.

Massage Services at Asheville's premier Salt Spa

Our one person Private Massages in the salt cave are luxurious and therapeutic. The salt environment makes for a wonderful setting to truly relax and de-stress. You can choose between a relaxing spa massage, deep therapeutic massage or for the ultimate massage experience choose your massage on our warm Far Infrared and PEMF Gemstone Chakra Full Body Mat with 25 lb of gemstones. We also offer prenatal massages.

Private Frequency Therapy

Our new frequency services will leave you more relaxed, rejuvenated and de-stressed.  Millions of Salt Crystals on all walls and floor create a clean, meditative atmosphere in our cozy private Wellness Saltroom. Our "Frequencies for Wellness" Service for Two lasts for one hour and includes PEMF, Photon Light Therapy, Gemstone far infrared heat, negative ions and sound therapy!

A must try.




“The most delightful, relaxing, de stressing experience. Highly recommend giving it a try! ” 

—  Laurel D. February 2020, 5 star review on Facebook

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Asheville's Best Salt Cave Experience

Unique Salt Micro-climate in our Himalayan Salt Therapy Cave Sanctuary

Asheville does not have natural, authentic salt caves and salt mines.

In fact, there are only very few known natural salt caves in the world that were created by the influences of the elements.

However, we can re-create the dry salt particles and negative ions found in natural salt mines above ground in man-made salt caves, like ours.

It requires special equipment, 

called a dry salt Halogenerator (salt mill).

Our Salt Spa is geared with such a Halogenerator, ensuring real salt therapy.

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Recommended Immune Boost

This Flu Fighter Kit is formulated with  potent essential oils that boost your immune system. Contains robust anti-viral and disinfectant properties. Aids in alleviating respiratory symptoms, colds, flus and sore throats.

Healing Stones

The Power of Healing Frequencies

Stressed Woman

Managing COVID 19 Stress

Yoga at Home

Tune into your Well-being

Bath Salts

A Trip into History



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By Appointment 

Wednesday - Sunday

closed Monday and Tuesday


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The Salt Spa of Asheville & Himalayan Salt Cave Sanctuary

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