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Enjoy the luxury of our Exclusively Private Sessions

in our Himalayan Salt Cave and Wellness Salt Room!

Imagine feeling a deep sense of well-being - Peace, Balance and Relaxation.

Spend a blissful time here at The Salt Spa of Asheville.

Dear Guests,

Your relaxation and stress relief is our number one priority. 

We are open Wednesday through Sunday by appointment.

NEW:  We are now also open Tuesday afternoons by appointment


All services are private and offered in our Himalayan Salt Cave

and our Wellness Salt Room.

Events are public.

We serve one party at the time in each therapy space.

For Salt Therapy Sessions we can accommodate a party of up to 6 people.

Our Common Sense Health Protocol 

For the Health and Well-being of our guests and staff we request that you do not visit our spa 

if you feel unwell and/or have symptoms related to colds, flu, covid and other contagious diseases.

Thank You!

We are offering our DEMO Dry Hydro Massage Table for Sale. More Info HERE

Public Crystal Singing Bowl Meditation with Salt Therapy (45 min) 

(multiple parties allowed) 

Sunday, April 21 at 3 pm

Public Gong Meditation with Salt Therapy (45 min)

(multiple parties allowed) 

Sunday, April 7 at 3 pm

Public Salt Therapy Session (45 minutes)

(multiple parties allowed)

Every Thursday at 12:15 pm  $30/person     

Salt Cave

Services in our Himalayan Salt Cave

Private Salt Therapy Sessions

Couple's Massages

Celebration Package for Two

Blisstime Package for Two

Chakra Tune Up for Two

Private Massages

Delight Package for Two

Salt & Sound Package for Two


Wellness Salt Room

Services in our Wellness Salt Room

Private Massages 

Crystal Energy Cleansing

Cloud Nine - Frequencies for Wellbeing Package

Salt Shop

In our Salt Shop you can find authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps in many shapes and sizes, natural and organic body care products, gemstone water bottles, home spa products, gourmet salt, organic essential oils, massage oils, diffusers, essential oil candles, gemstone jewelry, nature photography from local photographer, unique and local products you can't find anywhere else and so much more.